Coup De Foudre

So it’s mid-November, and it’s crazy how warm it still is in LA! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining – but it still confuses me sometimes when I walk out with minimal layers and don’t feel like I’m about to catch a cold. Even as an LA native, I still expect this time of the year to be a bit more chilly! But then again, I love the fact that I don’t need to hide my outfit underneath all this fabric when I walk out of the house.

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Checkered Trousers For The Win!

An #OOTD for the “I’m working out of a coffee shop today” days, where you want to uber casual but also kinda don’t! Here’s  a look I put together using pieces I’ve had for almost two years – and they’ve just been hanging in my closet. Just goes to show how pieces can be incorporated into an outfit different ways, and how fashion is less about what you own and more about how you own it – does that make sense? Haha!

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Bringin’ Out My Party Pants

When life gives you sequins, you wear that sparkle. Now, apply that sparkle to a sequined track pant, and it’s a day-long party!

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Dinner Outfit In River Island

There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering a brand that fits your style needs in every way possible – shopaholics raise your hand if you agree! So, expect me to wear a lot of River Island in my upcoming #OOTD posts; yes guys, I’m OBSESSED!

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A Sweet Revenge

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Got my hands on some sweet revenge, and I don’t mean in a vindictive way. I mean the all-in-one pant and shoe hybrid from Tamara Mellon type of way.

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