Privacy Please Dress

Los Angeles is bringing on the heat, and we’re bringing out those  Summer staples to match the Cali sun.  We all know LA can turn up the heat – so much heat to the point where we pay less attention to what we’re wearing, and more attention to just trying to keep cool. So since we can tend to get a little lazy when the weather gets warm, it’s important to wear pieces that look great without the extra effort. The perfect example of a great Summer staple is this dress from Privacy Please – fun, flirty, and cute!

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Armenia Guide – What To Do, What To See

Touchdown in Armenia just a couple weeks ago! Armenia is by far one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to, and I’m not just saying that because it’s the country my family and I are from. It’s such a different vibe from anywhere else I’ve been, and did I mention it’s beautiful? It’s one of those countries that you least expect to leave a positive mark, and indeed a place that leaves you in awe over the beauty of Mother Earth. It’s a place where glamour is a useless word and being humble gets an entirely different meaning. And let’s not forget the history – some good, and others that still carry open wounds. So with that said, here’s my guide on what to do and what to see, oh, and also some of the outfits I wore!

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Rush Hour

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It’s no secret I recently traveled to Armenia, the country that I’m from and where my roots are. I knew this trip would be everything beyond amazing, but I didn’t expect my love to surpass my already highest appreciation of the Armenian culture.

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Just One Answer

Greetings from Yerevan! Yes, Yerevan, Armenia! I’ll be here for the next two weeks and I’m so excited to share so much new, and different, content with everyone. But first, I gotta get over this major jetlag! So while I recover, here’s a quick look I wore wearing this adorable floral set from Just One Answer. So I’ll keep it short as I catch some much needed zzzz’s. See you guys fresh and new in Yerevan!

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