Office Chic With Lulus

This blog post is in collaboration with Lulus.

Chic, paycheck-savvy work clothes mean some serious business. So the only smart thing to do (yes, spending money is smart…..in this case at least), is to step up your game before your next clock-in.

Dressing for the office – especially if it’s corporate – can get a little bland. We typically end up buying somewhat boring pieces that make us feel out of sorts and uncomfortable. This usually leads to losing interest in making an effort to look your best every morning before heading out.

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Organic Feels Good Tee and Mini

Some personal style inspo for those days where you want to spice up a classic graphic tee…

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Strictly Business

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I love creating different looks with existing pieces. It’s so easy to get carried away and think you have to buy something new to look good regularly – not going to lie, I’m guilty of that! But that “new look” you’re going for can already be hanging in your closet; you just gotta take a peek!

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Slow Transition Into Fall

Cooler weather couldn’t come sooner! Between those scorching heat waves, recent mountain fires, and everything else that’s going on in the world, a little drop in temperature wouldn’t be bad at all! Although Los Angeles still feels like Summer has just begun, my wardrobe is starting to say otherwise – hey, it is ‘technically’ Fall after all.

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10 Simple Things About Kris

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I was recently nominated by a friend of mine to share 10 random facts about myself on Instagram. I skipped the 10 bullet points of ‘Kris Facts’ on a photo caption, and decided to do a blog post and share 10 simple things about myself instead. Things that you wouldn’t know about me otherwise, even through the content I share on IG stories.

So let’s get started! Shall we?

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