My Smile Direct Club Experience

Let’s rewind to the end of August where I shared a post talking about me beginning my journey with Smile Direct Club. Now lets fast forward to present day where I’m down to my last tray, and my smile has me feeling more confident than ever!

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Holiday Joy At The Americana On Brand

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? You know, that joyous time where temperatures drop, caramel brûlée lattes become the drink of choice, and holiday gift shopping becomes a part of your everyday routine. Yes, I’m talking about the holidays!

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December Giveaways

And just like that, it’s December 1st…again! It blows my mind how fast time flies; I feel like I just finished doing all my Christmas shopping, and now it’s time to do it all over again! Except this year, I’m making my holiday gift giving a social affair. So since ’tis the season for giving, I’ll be hosting weekly giveaways all December long!

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NVL’s Gatekeeper in Desert Gold

Many of you may have noticed that I don’t overdo it with my accessories – mainly jewelry. Let’s just say I like to keep things classic and clean. So when I do add that additional touch to an outfit, I add an accessory that’s both practical and timeless – the ‘Gatekeeper’ from NVL.

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Beauty Update: My Current Favorite Foundations

I don’t want flawless skin – said no one EVER! Let’s be real though, who doesn’t want flawless looking skin every time they look in the mirror? Of course, achieving a flawless complexion starts way before applying your foundation; because a clean canvas is always better to work with. But I’ll save the skincare routine for another day, and talk about my current favorite foundations for this particular post. You ready?

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