Sweater Weather


Although we haven't totally made that transition into Fall yet (at least here in LA we haven't), I'd like to think we're slowly getting there - one temperature drop at a time! …

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Endless Summer In Los Angeles


Only in Los Angeles can you wear short shorts and attend pool parties in October. While everyone packs up their Summer attire and replaces it with scarves and coats, we're chilling poolside with our Barefoot Bubbly. …

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VLOG: NYFW In A Nutshell

Better late than never! I know I'm so late with putting this up, but wanted to combine all my snaps and everything I was able to document during New York Fashion Week and put it into a short video - My NYFW experience in a nutshell! Please let me know what you think and what else you guys would like to see!…

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My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine


I've never had a daily skincare ritual for my skin. But the older I get (ugh), the more I notice changes - And yes, I'm talking about wrinkles. Wrinkles are one of those pesky life situations we just can't avoid. Or can we?…

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